This study assessed the reliability of measurements made by four physical therapists on healthy subject gait data recorded from the Krusen limb load monitor. The five components of step (stance time, time up, time to second peak, and force at the first and second peaks) were analyzed. Six components contributing to gait (ambulation time; velocity; cadence; average swing phase duration, left lower extremity; average swing phase duration, right lower extremity; and ratio of unilateral weight bearing, right lower extremity to left lower extremity) were also analyzed. Intraclass correlation coefficients for the five step components and the gait measures of ambulation time, velocity, and cadence showed high measurement reliability. The other measures of gait showed low intraclass correlation coefficients. The limb load monitor can, therefore, be used by clinicians to measure the five step components and three gait measures (ambulation time, velocity, and cadence) with high measurement reliability.

Key Words:
  • Received October 28, 1982.
  • Accepted September 2, 1983.