To the Editor: I was very pleased to see the case report, “Intermittent Compression for the Treament of a Chronic Stasis Ulceration,” in Physical Therapy (October 1981). During the years that I worked in a hospital-based practice, I successfully used the intermittent compression pump method of treatment—essentially as outlined in the article—in treating many stasis ulcers. Our treatment time varied slightly from that described in the article (about 30 minutes to an hour vs two and one-half hours described by Dr. McCulloch). We also fit the patient with a Jobst compression stocking just as soon as the edema had decreased sufficiently. The results were quite satisfactory and included, as in the case described in this article, several cases in which other methods had failed.

We never published any of our results, so I was very happy to see an article describing this treatment appearing in Physical Therapy.…